fredag den 26. februar 2016

torsdag den 25. februar 2016

torsdag den 9. januar 2014

This piece of white cloth is a temporary art gallery. During a travel through Southern India (January 14th - February 10th 2014) we will set up our gallery in different places along our path. We don't yet know exactly where that will be. 

In the gallery we will exhibit diverse objects - one for every place that we choose to exhibit in. Each of these objects will be carefully chosen on location, and put back where it came from after the end of the exhibition period.

The exact spot that we exhibit in will in a likewise manner be carefully chosen, so that the combination of the recontextualized object and the spot that it is exhibited in will constitute - in our minds - a simulacrum of the location surrounding us. 

We thus invite the viewers to have a glimpse into our perception of these places in time and space. 

All of the white cloth exhibitions will be documented in order to be used for an online exhibition later this year. Stay tuned for more information.